I was looking at my blog stats last night and noticed that today’s post is number 300.  I don’t really know if that means anything at all.  Maybe when I get to 500 or even 1,000 a few years from now, but it’s a nice round number I guess.

In my family, we always liked watching the car odometer roll to a round number with lots of zeroes.  We’d peek our heads from the backseat to look over my dad’s shoulder and watch it go from 29,999 to 30,000, etc.  (ahhh, the days before seatbelts when we could move willy nilly around the car.) I still think watching the odometer (even though it’s now digital on my car) is great fun, and I do it to this day.  You know, there is no longer mile in the world then when you are waiting for that rollover to the big round number with lots of zeroes.

David thinks I am nuts.  The only time he has ever done that voluntarily was when the Mustang rolled over to 100,000.  If I remember right we were on our way to a concert back when we  were at OU.  I remember our friend Greg being with us.  We drove around a parking lot to watch it turn over.  Ok this happened many years ago; it’s possible that I don’t have all the details just right, but that’s how I remember it.  Otherwise though, he doesn’t spend much time looking at the odometer.

Whew, I majorly digressed there.  So 300 posts.  I started this blog a month or so before Davey was born in order to document his life.    Here’s how it all started:  Getting Ready.  I could go nowhere but up from that first short post.    My second post at least included a couple of pictures.  (Although I confess, I just had to upload them again.  I transferred from typepad to wordpress a while back and I had to bring the pictures over manually.  It’s a task that I have not quite finished.).  So here’s post number 2:   Tuesday

I have not always been real diligent about posting on my blog.  Here’s hoping I continue to love writing my blog as much as I love writing it now!

So on we go to 500!


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