Toe to Toe Socks: Done. Hurray.

I finished up my Toe to Toe socks today.  Ok, I do still have a few ends to weave in.  I will do that tonight.  I like the way these socks look, but they irritated the crud out of me.  I finally figured out why.  I do not like having 3 colors going.  It’s a constant battle of untangling no matter how hard I try to keep those guys apart.  They are like magnets – hopelessly attracted to each other.  I have realized that that’s the only thing that really bugs me in knitting.

But I do think they are pretty, and it was a fun colorwork pattern.

My assistant wore shoes today.  It’s getting chilly to be outside barefoot.

Then he got out the magnifying glass to really take a look.

My next socks are scaring me a little.  For the first time, I will be attempting a sock done with 2 circular needles (magic loop I think it is called?).  Yikes.


3 thoughts on “Toe to Toe Socks: Done. Hurray.

  1. Those are really pretty socks! And don’t worry about doing the next pair–I can help anytime. BTW, Magic Loop is just one circular needle, usually 40 inches or longer.

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