Estes Park

Yesterday we drove up to Estes Park.  We wanted to explore a little on the way, so we drove up through Longmont, over to Lyons and then up to Estes Park.  We stopped and had lunch at Pizza Hut in Longmont.  Davey was very happy to go into a real Pizza Hut.  He’d missed it.

Estes Park was a fun town to “stroll”.  It was very crowded though.  We hadn’t encountered a town with so many tourists before.  I have heard people rave about Estes Park all of my life, and I finally can understand why.  It is beautiful!

We walked and window shopped.  One of our favorite things to do.  Dog watching is another favorite.  Davey will see a dog and say, “Oh my goodness.  Look at that precious pup!”  We saw the biggest dog on the planet in Estes Park.  We think he was a Russian Wolfhound.  Davey could have ridden him all the way back home.

There was a yarn shop!  I love googlemaps on my little phone.  Finding a yarn shop involves only a very quick search and then a map to lead me to the front door.

Great shop!  I bought yarn for 2 pairs of upcoming Joy of Sox socks.  Lime green and a pretty blue.  Oh I love that lime green!

We had an unfortunate incident in the yarn shop.  Davey was beside me and was as usual pulling out skeins of yarn to “show me” just as fast as he could.  “Mommy, I JUST wanted to show you this one.”  (Shop owners likely whimper when they see a 3 year old boy enter their shops.)  All of a sudden I hear a cry, and there’s Davey.  Except this time instead of having a skein of yarn in his hand to show me, there is a mousetrap hanging off his finger.  Poor thing.  Thank goodness it didn’t snap him too badly.  He told me later that “Mommy, it really didn’t hurt that much.”  I think it scared him and me more than anything.

Although it’s not a method I would have advocated to get him to stop touching all the yarn, it did slow him down abit.   He was also busy following Duncan the yarn shop dog around as well.

Have you had mountain cookies?  We learned our lesson in Breckenridge as to the sheer enormousness (nice word huh) of them, and so yesterday the three of us split one and still had plenty.

The other highlight were the elk.   They were all over the golf course.  Davey really enjoyed seeing them.

They were looking at this guy.

We definitely want to return to Estes Park.



2 thoughts on “Estes Park

  1. A mouse trap? In the yarn? I’m a little confused. Was it hidden in the yarn? Did the owner put it there? Glad Davey wasn’t hurt.

    Did you see the Stanley Hotel?

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