First snow. Kinda

This morning there was snow on the ground.  It wasn’t much.  It didn’t even quite cover the ground, but we were excited anyway.   You know, for a 3 year old who has never really seen much snow at all, any snow is something different from the way the ground looks sans snow.  Right?  It’s all in the perspective.

We got all dressed (even though there wasn’t a lot of snow, it was still pretty darn cold.) and headed outside.   Davey spent some time just checking things out.

He was pretty excited.

So much so that he could not wait to make a snow angel.  I realize this may seem just a little pitiful to those who are accustomed to lots of snow, but again we are snow newbies.

He wanted to walk to the playground, and once we got there, he wanted to climb all over and then go down the slide.  I was a little nervous because it was a kind of slippery, and he had his bulky boots on.  I followed him closely.

The slide was fast!

Joyful kid.  It was time for another snow angel.

We managed to scrape together some snowballs by robbing snow from cars.  Davey is getting ready to bean me here.

He found this pretty hilarious.

Family picture:

Oh and I almost forgot the ice scraper.  Davey was very excited to scrape snow off the car.

He scraped not only the windows, but he then moved to scraping the car.

Serious fun.

Kinda Snow = pretty darn fun.

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