Well we did have some snow yesterday.  The front blew through and we had a huge rain/sleet downpour.  It then changed to snow, and it snowed (I just had an incredible urge to write snew) all afternoon.  Nothing stuck though as it was not quite freezing, and the ground is still really warm.  I think we have more coming tonight and tomorrow.  It was fun to watch it fall.  We Snow Newbies were excited.

This snow/cold newbie was  on her way to class this morning and allowed no time for defrosting.  We had nary an ice scraper either.  I frantically ran back inside to get help from David.  He suggested using our recently removed Arkansas license tag.  You’ve gotta make sure and not slice a finger off because tags are sharp on the edges, but it worked like a charm.  David and Davey made it their mission to buy ice scrapers today.

Davey is also pretty much set now as well.  We took him to REI  yesterday and equipped him with boots, bib, and mittens.   So here’s the thing about mittens.  I do not understand how you are supposed to put mittens on a toddler.  First of all, it’s hard to wiggle his hand into there.  During this process, we rarely get any cooperation from the wiggle worm.  I’d say that we even get resistance as we try to get the thumb in its proper place.

I think this should be something that we should have been taught before we left the hospital with Davey.  When he was born, David and I were clueless.   The nurse showed us how to give him a bottle.  She showed us how to burp him.  She carefully explained to us how to change a diaper.  So I think that at that time we should have been taught mitten donning as well.

So we were in REI struggling with the mittens.  And then – I found them.  Mittens with a velcro opening.  It is a vertical velcro opening extending from wrist more than halfway up to the fingers.  David and I may be the last people on the planet to know about these, but I would have paid a jillion dollars for them.  Mitten success!  They slipped right on and then we velcroed them closed.  Of course, let’s hope the velcro holds and all that.   I am hoping for the best.

So today while I was at school, David and Davey went and got us ice scrapers.  When I got home they were very intent on Davey’s new birthday track from his Aunt Holly and Uncle Michael.

I like Timber peeking in the background as well.  He’s always been a Curious George.

Davey has multiple uses for all of his toys.  After David left for his class, Davey removed a long section of track.  He climbed up onto our bed and used this long section of track to hoist his friend Lucy up onto the bed.  (Lucy is his imaginary dog.)

That’s our Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Mittens

  1. Congratulations on your first snow. It won’t be long before the ground is cold enough and you can all go out and build a snowman.

    We lost the instruction book that came with our kids before we left the hospital. 😉 Donning mittens as well as shoes were our big challenges.

  2. Davey’s a lucky boy, that track looks like amazing fun. I love it that he uses it to help the imaginary dog — who would have guessed the imaginary ones need a boost? Sweet!

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