The Wonky Clause

Davey likes to watch tv while sitting on our recliner; however, he often watches it like this:

He loves to stand on his head, and he often tells me that he is “practicin'”.  “Mommy, I keep falling over!”

I’ve never voluntarily stood on my head in my life.  (The involuntary time occurred in middle school P.E.)

I guess it makes for some good blood flow to the brain?

I am going to need some good blood flow to the brain to figure out my next project.  (That was a rather forced transition.)  Here it is.  I am thrilled if David or Davey request that I knit them something.  I just finished a beautiful brown/grayish hat for David.  He didn’t request it though and at first he didn’t like it.  He likes it a lot now though.  I am also knitting him some socks.  Again, he didn’t request them, but I assured them that he will be happy to wear them under his waders when he is fishing.  But now he wants me to knit him a sweater.  Here is a picture of THE SWEATER.  It’s a cool sweater.  He even wants the colorwork.  (I’d thought maybe he’d just want it in a solid color.)

So here’s the dilemma.  I need to find a pattern.  I think that I can figure out the colorwork if I have to.  It will be more good exercise for my brain.  But I am not yet capable of designing an entire sweater.  So I’ve got to figure something out.  I am thinking that I may want to try a steek.  It just occurred to me that I may have to use a steek for easier completion of the colorwork.

And David is not little.  It’s going to be an XL undertaking.  One more reason to do it in the round.  He has requested it by January.  I laughed as I typed that sentence.

I have been looking through ravelry, but I haven’t found anything quite right yet.  We are going to a yarn shop today and I will check out some books.

I am preparing a waiver that I am going to need David to sign before I begin.  It requires that he wear said sweater even if it turns out slightly wonky.  It’s the wonky clause.




7 thoughts on “The Wonky Clause

  1. Christina, we have a book in the library: Knitting in the Old Way, by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts, that goes step by step through designing and knitting a sweather.

  2. HOLY BUCKETS!! Did he specify THIS January? LOL. Perhaps Jan 2012? Have you ever done the zipper and pockets? It is beautiful, but $299 from Eddie Bauer might be a bargain, lol! I look forward to the photo/blogging progress of this project!

  3. Christina,
    You might look at the patterns from Dale of Norway. If I am remembering correctly, they have patterns closely akin to the one David wants. When I last looked, Amazon had a few pattern books from Dale of Norway. If can’t be found there, try googling the company name and their web site should come up. They are suppose to re-issue their pattern books from the 50s and 60s. Good luck. I don’t knit for men; the projects are just too big.

  4. I looked at the picture… WOW! Quite a challenge! Are you missing your knitting circle in Arkadelphia? Hope you are able to utilize suggestions re: patterns and perhaps find some other knitters to collaborate with.

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