We go to the snow.

Yesterday we decided it was time for us to go to the snow since the snow has not come to us much yet.  When we told Davey, he kept running around the apartment yelling, “I’m so excited!  I’m so excited!”  We checked the roads and everything looked ok, so off we went to Breckenridge.  It’s something to leave a dry Denver with temperatures in the 40s and then an hour later to be at the top of a pass with snow and ice and temperatures in the low 20s.  The Eisenhower/Johnson tunnels were a little weathery, but the roads were not too bad.

Breckenridge was great.  It’s just about our favorite place right now.  I guess we ought to give some of the other resorts a try, but we just keep going back there.  There was quite abit of snow.  It was very cold, but we bundled up.  Davey is very bundled up here.

He wanted to play in the little park.  We have learned that slides seem to be extra fast in the cold!

He was so happy and excited to really play in the snow for his first time, that he was hugging the snow.

He rolled in the snow like a little happy puppy.

Like a little bitty puppy, I am telling you.  He rolled and picked up snow and rolled some more.  He made snow angels, but mostly he just rolled around.

One snowy kid.

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