Safety Scissors and a Magic Loop

Davey has been talking about learning to use scissors.  Safety scissors to be precise.  “Mommy, can I learn to use safety scissors?”

So yesterday I got him some.   He had a great time learning to use them.  It requires close supervision at this point, but he really started to figure out the motion, and what he needed to do. I showed him how to hold them and how to move them, but it takes some practice.  It’s really interesting to me to watch him work through it.

It took intense concentration.  I think his mouth opened every time he opened the scissor blades.

Blades closed.

The addition of the tongue indicated an even more intense concentration. (I can see Davey reading this blog someday.  “Mom, seriously?”)

Timber was hanging out nearby.  He was probably hoping I’d keep up the close supervision.

I am not sure what’s going on in the next picture.  It might be something like, “Mommy!  Enough with the pictures!”

Fun first time with the scissors.

Here’s what else I was working on yesterday evening.  I decided to learn magic loop.   Now that I have knitted in the round with 2 circulars, I think doing it with one was even easier.  And so much fun.  I like to knit little toys, but it’s tough with dpns.  Not many stitches on the needles at first, and I feel like I am juggling with toothpicks.  Magic Loop = so much fun!  I watched a good video and it was not hard at all.  So here’s my project in process.  I hope to have it done by tomorrow.  I just need to knit two little legs.

Happy Saturday.  I think we are going to go check out a community called Lone Tree.  David’s heard it is a really nice place to live.  Our fingers and toes are crossed that our Arkansas house will close next week.  Please cross yours too!

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