I love Pie! Mommy, I love Pie!

Yesterday, Davey and I made a cranberry pie.  I guess technically it’s more of a cobbler, but the Pioneer Woman calls it a pie.  I love cranberries and wanted to make it immediately after I read about it.  Davey insists that he loves pie.   We made the pie, and Davey couldn’t wait to try it.  He took one bite and walked up to me, “Mommy, I love this pie!”  Unfortunately, he had a very forced tone to his voice and he was chewing on the bite of pie like it was the worst thing he’d ever put in his mouth.  It was just a bite of crust too.  I didn’t think a tart cranberry would go over well.   Poor thing, he wanted to like the pie.

We watched the Pioneer Woman go head to head with Bobby Flay yesterday.  I love the Pioneer Woman, but we had another interest in the show.  We knew that David’s brother was there during the entire filming, so we made it our mission to catch a glimpse of him on camera.  He’s a chef who now teaches at a culinary school, so the school was somehow part of doing this “Throwdown” show.  Anyway, we looked and looked.  No sign of him.  Finally, I saw a headless person leaning against a counter.  He was in the very back.  We could only see him from the neck down, but it looked like it could be his neck.  It looked like it could have been his arm resting on the counter.  We are still not sure though.  David left him a message so that we can see if the shirt he was wearing that day matches the shirt we saw on the show.

So that was fun.

As often as I can, I like to use the blog to document specific things about Davey so I can remember them some day.

1.  Davey likes to stand on his head.  We are looking into a 3 year old tumbling class.

2.  Davey does not eat vegetables.  We are working on it.

3.  Davey loves to build.  We built with Tinkertoys for quite awhile this morning.  He still likes tearing down though almost as much as building.

4.  The other day, out of the blue, Davey said, “Mommy,  I didn’t like being in your tummy.  It was embarrassin’.  There wasn’t any furniture in there.”

That’s all for today.

4 thoughts on “I love Pie! Mommy, I love Pie!

  1. Ah, the vegetable battle… my 14 year old has finally accepted the necessity of eating them, occasionally, always under protest, and sometimes with gagging noises just to make us suffer.

    As always, Davey makes me smile — I just love his comment!

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