Tum Tum Tumblin’

Davey took his first class at the Little Gym today.  He had a great time.  He did a somersault!  (A marvel to me – I am so ungymnastically inclined that it is embarrassing.)  He ran around, he climbed, he rolled, he jumped, and he loved it!

Almost as fun was that for the next 45 minutes after class, he played with a 5 year old boy (actually 5 and 3/4 – the little boy explained to me).  They played and played and played.  I talked to a nice mom and learned more about the area.  She told me about some great activities in the area that  we’ll be able to do with Davey.   I was also very excited to learn about a Montessori program that is part of the public school system.  Yay for that! (Preschool all the way through 12th grade if we wanted!)  So that was very fun for me.

Now it is time to go get our ingredients for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I decided there is just not enough room in our little kitchen for a turkey, so I took the easy route and got a turkey breast at Honey Baked Ham.  They are so good, much better than I would make.

Our menu is going to include some Pioneer Woman recipes.  I want to make her cranberry sauce.  I am also going to make her sweet potato casserole, although I think it could technically count as a dessert.  I will attempt to make dressing, and then of course it would not be Thanksgiving without the green bean casserole.   I think that’s about it since it will just be the 3 of us, and one of the 3, I won’t mention any names, probably won’t touch any of it!

I am still thinking about dessert.  I think a pumpkin pie is inevitable, although I confess I am a fan of the Mrs. Smith.  Maybe I should try to make my own.  I could do that.

So we gotta go shop!  My trusty helper will accompany me.  If you take little Davey to the grocery store.  He will want a car cart. (That’s what we call the carts with the ginormous kiddy car on the front.)  Chances are, he will then want one of the free cookies for little kids.  Chances are also good that I am going to bonk someone or break something. (My little tribute to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie) I narrowly missed taking out 3 jars of spaghetti sauce the other day.  I worked in a grocery store.  There’s nothing messier.   Except for a plastic gallon of milk exploding.  That’s worse.  The car cart is a menace!  Davey loves it though.

I am knitting some.  I am not knitting on my Joy of Sox sock though.  I have decided to do some last minute super secret Christmas things.  I don’t know yet how many or if they will work out.  I am having a lot of fun with the current project though.

Ok off we go!

2 thoughts on “Tum Tum Tumblin’

  1. I hear you about that GINORMOUS car cart, I felt like I was driving a semi through the store. But we do these things for the little people in our lives :-)!

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