First Advent

Yesterday was First Advent.  Our Advent wreath is buried somewhere in the depths of the storage closet.  David is going to go on an expedition to locate the Christmas storage boxes, but for yesterday, we had a lone candle without the wreath.

Davey loved lighting the candle. (He didn’t actually light it, but he did blow it out!)

For a moment, he sat there and looked at it. (Apparently there’d been chocolate in his recent past.)

Then, just as I always did throughout my childhood years, we sat on the couch and listened to Christmas songs.  At least I think I sat still and listened to Christmas music.  Davey did too – for awhile.  Then he decided to dance to celebrate.  (I didn’t get the best shots in the dark.)

He called the candle/music/dancing “our great idea”.

So today he said to David many times:  “When can we do our great idea?”

And when we sat down again tonight to look at the candle and listen to Christmas music, he said, “Didn’t I have a great idea?”

The boy who wears no pants (for maximum ease of potty training) was just as animated tonight!

Happy First Advent!

3 thoughts on “First Advent

  1. I love Davey’s great ideas! A few years ago in Sunday School the kids made advent wreaths using a thick ring of Model Magic for the base and then adding candles to it — an unusually neat craft project for the Christmas season 🙂

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