Davey! Carrots!

Yesterday was tumbling day again.   I took my camera and got lots of pictures.  I wanted to document everything Davey did as much as I could since David couldn’t be there.  So I took 8 million pictures – as you are going to see from this picture heavy post.

Beginning with:

Davey arrives.  He took off his socks and shoes to prepare.  We were early so he hit the toys.

Next we wait for our turn.  He likes to watch the class that is before ours.  I think you can tell that he is grinning even in this photo. (At first I was thinking about the grin showing at the side of his face, but then I also saw it in the reflection!)

Once we get inside, he is perpetual motion.

They sit in a circle after they warm up abit, and we all introduce ourselves.  They were also supposed to say what their favorite vegetable is. Davey never is much on introducing himself, and of course he is not much on vegetables.  But when they got to us, he was ready to go.  “My name is DAVEY!”  Then she asked what his favorite vegetable was.  “CARROTS!!”   Yes, I was surprised to hear that.

After they introduced themselves, they were supposed to do a forward roll.  Miss Heather helped him.  I have two pictures of the forward roll sequence.  Again, I am fascinated by the ability to do a somersault.  It was never my thing.


And over he went!

He loves climbing all over everything in there.  He is so focused as you can see by that tongue.

A brief still moment.

And I have to say that he is such a good listener.  When it’s time to sit down, he runs over to sit down.  When it’s time to get a new piece of equipment or if it is time to put something away,  he runs over as fast as he can go.

And so darn adventurous!

And he loved it!  He grinned from ear to ear!

And then on his back.  He was a little unsure about this at first.  You can see him holding onto her arm. But she was right there with him.  And he loved it!

They finish with bubbles.  What’s better than bubbles?  Oh a stamp!  On the way out, they each get a stamp (or two) on their hands.

Here he had a bubble carefully balanced on his finger.

When we left, he kept saying,  “Mommy, I had such a good time there today!”


2 thoughts on “Davey! Carrots!

  1. I just love these pictures. My daughter is Miss Gillian. I understand why she loves your children and her work when I see pictures like this.

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