What Didn’t Make the Christmas Card

Yesterday we took David to the “beach”.  This time Davey really did fish.   Well, David put a piece of hotdog on for bait, and Davey held the bait in the water.  He can push the button and actually cast and reel it back in.  He’s still perfecting his methods, but he is doing great!   We determined that there are exactly zero fish in that part of the creek.

We walked David back over to the lake so he could see the geese.  They are amazing.

As we were walking around the lake, about 50 geese launched.  They flew right over our heads.  It was incredible.  These Canada Geese are pretty good sized!  So it was as if I was standing right in front of an airplane runway, and the airplanes were coming directly toward me.  The geese rose very quickly just above us.  Why I did not yank out my camera and get a shot of that – I’ve been kicking myself ever since.  However, it was such a brief cool moment that I hated to ruin it fiddling with my camera.  I was also afraid to take my eyes off them as I was very afraid of big plops of green goose poop hitting me in the head.  Not that I probably could have dodged it in time, but I wanted to keep my eyes on the situation.  It was something else.  David said I could photograph it next time.  It happens approximately once every 42 years it seems.

Then I have been trying to figure out what to do for our Christmas card.  I was able to get Davey to pose for me at the park.  Well somewhat.  It was more my usual approach of taking about one million pictures and hoping that something turned out.  I was happy to get some nice ones, and I ordered the cards yesterday.  A little late.  I hope they ship to me quickly.

So here is what did not make the Christmas card.  Although I think it might have been kind of fun.

And I loved this pose:

Time to run some errands.  We are off to mail bills and buy groceries.  The wind is incredible here today.  There are supposed to be 80 mph gusts in places this afternoon!

I am knitting.  Not as much as I would like, but I am hoping to knit more this weekend.  I am ready to get back to my Joy of Sox Socks!  My test project for Susan is coming along.  This is such a fun pattern, I hope to get back to it this weekend.  I’ll have to put some pictures of my progress up.

And finally,  David and Davey were talking about shapes the other day.  David said, “Davey what is my head shaped like?”  Davey thought about it for awhile (the last time we asked him, he’d said oval), and then he answered, “Pineapple”. Then David asked him what my head was shaped like.  Davey considered this again, and he finally said, “A Pumpkin”.  I am not sure what prompted him to consider fruit shapes, but I suppose he’s correct!

So Pumpkin Head is off to take little punkin head on our errands!

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