Afternoon Walk

Yesterday Davey and I went for a walk.

We parked a couple of miles from our house at a park, and then Davey was off.  I never get tired of taking pictures of him on the move.

We headed down the little dirt road.   Our destination was a small rocky beach on Bear Creek.

We cut off the little dirt road and walked down a narrow path.  Some of the grasses were as tall as Davey.  He said, “It feels like we are going underwater!”

We came upon a big fallen tree.  We explored around it for awhile until we saw a big hole going into the ground.  We got a little worried (I did) as to what might come out of that hole.

We headed on down to the path into the woods.

Finally we arrived at the stream.

Davey started “fishing”, and he immediately had a fish on the line.

He decided it was time for our picnic.  He was most interested in the candy cane Hershey’s Kisses.  Who could blame him?  Those little candies are irresistible, and I knew I shouldn’t buy them.  But I just could not stop myself.  “After all, they are just available once a year!”  Thank goodness!

Then I took some more pictures of him playing.  I love the wintry background, and I was having fun with my camera.

Davey started fishing again.  Here is he walking backing and forth saying, “I didn’t get a whopper.”  (You can see his mouth saying “whopper” here.)

Finally it was time to start walking back.

We walked back around the little lake, and we were fascinated by the Canada Geese standing on the ice.

Unfortunately, we scared them away.

David is good at holding out the camera and taking a picture of the three of us.  Here is what happens when I try to do it.  I think you can spot Davey in it.

Finally we were back to the car, but Davey still did not want to stop running.

A happy picture to end on I think.




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