2nd Advent (Great Idea!)

The Advent Wreath and Christmas decorations are still buried in the back of the closet.  Unfortunately there is just no room for many decorations.  I think Davey and I will buy some Christmas lights today to hang on the mantle.  He’d love that.

So we improvised again with other candles.  Davey wanted more dancing; however, he (and David) did not approve of my Christmas musical choices.  I kept getting shot down in this manner:  “Mommy.  That song is TERRIBLE!”, and David would laugh along merrily (Form of laughter allowed around Christmas).  So I went through a variety of Christmas cds.   I think Davey wants the equivalent of a holiday AC/DC Thunderstruck.  That’s not going to happen!

Here’s my little AC/DC loving “hoodlum”.

And for a knitting update: I have 2 more projects finished.  Yay!  They were fairly quick knits.  I took pictures this morning so that I can share after Christmas.   I keep looking at the box of yarn for The Sweater.  I need to figure out the fair isle design from the Eddie Bauer sweater.  That shouldn’t be too hard, but then I have to adjust the pattern I have for the fair isle.  Again, it shouldn’t be too hard, but we shall see.

Ok, we are off to tumbling in just a little while.   Then a few errands.  It’s pretty much Spring here again in Denver.  Well maybe not Spring, but it’s pretty mild outside.  They say it snows here on occasion, but we are starting not to believe it.  At some point, it’s going to dump 2 feet on us, and then I will be sorry I said that!

Happy Tuesday!

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