Davey and I went to Super Target this afternoon.  Davey wanted to look at the toys while we were there.  “Mommy,  I don’t want to buy any toys.  I just want to LOOOOOOoooooOOOOk.”  (I tried to describe just how he said it.)  So we went to look.  We’d been wanting to get Candyland though, and so we did get him that.


I was having too much fun with my camera as usual trying to go for some unusual shots.

My goal here was a picture of Davey.  Not the waving Candyland pawn.  But I like it.


Animated kid!

I couldn’t resist this picture of the top of his sweet head.

This is not actually a victory shot, but it could be!

Candyland was a hit.  Two games:  Mommy 1.  Davey 1.   I think more matches are in our future.

2 thoughts on “Candyland

  1. How fun! I’m so excited – we’re getting Matthew games for his birthday and Christmas – glad he’s at an age where we can start doing this!! I’m jealous about your Super Target, by the way!

  2. These are great! I used to hate that my Mother always had her camera at hand, but I’m glad of course now. Ask Rob if it bothers him I always have my camera in hand!!! I love those candid shots. Especially the one of the top of Daveys head. Makes ya want to kiss it!!! Warm and smells like little boy…

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