Advent Calendar + Chocolate

We have an Advent Calendar for Davey.  Every evening he opens another numbered window, and every evening there is a piece of chocolate inside.  The chocolates are shaped like Santa Claus or a present, etc.  They are wrapped in very colorful pretty foil.  Davey loves them.

He carefully opens the window, and he takes out that chocolate like it is the most precious of valuables.  He slowly unwraps the candy, and then he moves off away from us abit to enjoy it in peace.  He just treasures them.  I guess it’s in the presentation.  We try not to go crazy on it around here, but he does eat his fair share of chocolate.   These are special.

David asked him if he was going to share one night.  Typically, Davey is a good sharer, but not with these advent chocolates.  He allowed David a microscopic sliver.  I am not sure that David could even see it.

I imagine and am glad that this will become a tradition.

1 thought on “Advent Calendar + Chocolate

  1. The first year my eldest had an advent calendar (he was about 2 years old), he got hold of it and opened all the windows in one go to eat the chocolates. 😀 Back in “my” day, chocolate advent calendars were really rare and expensive and we were happy with just pretty pictures behind the windows. 😛

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