House of Colds

We are in the house of colds.  David’s hit earlier in the week.  Mine came on Friday, and Davey’s started last night.  However, Davey is not too bad yet.  I hope his is mild.  Colds are miserable.

Meet the newest Christmas time member of our family.  Winkie:

Michael and Holly sent us Mr. Elf on the Shelf.  Davey quickly named him Winkie. He’s great.  Every night he travels to the North Pole to make a report to Santa.  You never know where he is going to turn up the next morning.  This morning he was in a colander on top of the refrigerator.

So today is a resting day.  I am working on my test hat.  If you want to learn to make bobbles, I highly recommend doing it with Cascade 128.  It’s a bulky soft yarn.  I made bobbles on this hat with it, and I could have happily made a jillion bobbles.  I was ready to make a bobble blanket.  Typically, bobbles are ok, but they are not my favorite.  Susan gave me a great link for a bobble tutorial as well.

This hat has so many different things going on.  I learned how to do a herringbone ridge stitch.  I had some trouble.  It involved sending Susan a photo:

I was still a little befuddled so I made a trip to her house.   I am still amazed that I met her in knitting blogland cyber space with no clue as to where she lived.    I move here and now  I could easily walk to her house in 10 minutes.  Crazy!  But turns out, I was pretty much on the right track with the stitch.  I just wasn’t confident in what I was doing.  So I am going along just fine now.

Happy Sunday!



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