Timber and Iris and Davey and a cupcake and lemonade in a cup

Today Davey and I went over to school to meet one of my students who has a 13 week old Siberian Husky.  (Davey calls the school that we teach at “Rocky Mountain High”.)  We took Timber along too.  We wanted to get him some more exercise, as Koko can’t go for very long at all anymore.

Timber and Iris hit it off.  Well, I never thought I’d see it, but Iris was like the little puppy annoying old man Timber.  I guess Timber is not a puppy anymore.  It took him a long time to grow up!

Iris and Davey played and played too.  It began with Davey chasing Iris:

But then Iris began chasing Davey.  Iris looks like he wants to eat Davey in this photo.

Davey really displayed some splendid moves in running from Iris.

Iris and Davey both on the move.

They explored a little together.  Timber was just hanging back, sniffing, trying to mind his own business.  Although he did enjoy friendly pats from the students.

Afterwards, Davey and I went to Whole Foods to get a few things and he loves to get a cupcake there.  So we got him a cupcake and some lemonade.  It was kind of a memorable day because Davey has always used a sippy cup or a straw.  Today, he did great with a paper cup.   He had a great time with it as well.  Small pleasures – I really liked watching him drink out of that little cup.

It was springlike here in Denver today.  We were lucky to be able to spend a good part of it outside!


1 thought on “Timber and Iris and Davey and a cupcake and lemonade in a cup

  1. Beautiful dogs and precious lil’ Davey. We’ll be at Nel and Johns Christmas day with my Mom and Step Dad. He lives at the V.A. center in Claremore and is wheelchair bound, but his mind is still fairly sharp and he loves to go visit . Can’t wait to see you there. Please don’t bring any snow with you , you may see along the way. We were bombarded last Christmas Eve!
    See you soon!

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