Graph Paper, Crayons and a Skateboard.

I started figuring out the fair isle chart last night for THE SWEATER.  I was working with a photograph that was not great.  It was fairly pixelated by the time I zoomed in well enough to kind of see what was going on.  It took me awhile to figure it out.  The snowflake also hurt my brain, but I think I worked it out. I did have fun coloring. (Davey added a few touches as well.)

I want to document my process on my attempt to knit a sweater that David will want to wear.  As my friend Kathryn suggested, by the time I am finished  it may instead be placed into a shadowbox shrine.

I forgot to take a picture of the swatch I knitted.  Picture light gray yarn in an approximately 8cm square.  (It’s rare that I talk in metric.)  I knitted it in a stockinette stitch.  It was a good swatch.  I hope.  Just the fact that I made a swatch is something.  But I figured I’d probably better give myself every possible advantage on this thing.

So.  That’s THE SWEATER thus far.

Today Davey and I had to go over to the school to give a make-up final.  While there, Davey colored with markers.  He created a mixed media piece when he began sprinkling grass on top of his marker designs.  David was teaching Davey how to mix colors the other day to create new colors, so since then he loves to practice mixing colors.

He likes to create “sculptures” and “structures” with his crayons and markers almost as much as he likes coloring with them.  He was feeling very artistically inspired today at the art school.

There are also always a couple of skateboards to be found around outside in the central area of campus.  I’ve been amazed by some of the skateboarding moves I’ve seen.  Anyway, Davey enjoyed playing on the skateboard.  David helped him move along for abit.

Someone walked by and commented that he was “kicking the moves”.  I have no idea if I got that bit of skateboarding jargon correct.

And now Davey is waiting for snow.  We were under a winter weather advisory so we were getting all excited.  That’s been removed now, but we are still maybe going to get some snow.  David got Davey some snowboots just in case.  Davey put them on and said he was going to take them off when it started snowing.  He’d probably be sleeping in them if that was the case.  He finally took them off a little while ago.  I got a cute picture of him, although the light is not good.

Come on Snow!



4 thoughts on “Graph Paper, Crayons and a Skateboard.

  1. That last picture is especially wonderful. I hope you get just enough snow to be picturesque and fun, but not the kind that requires driving on icy roads or that traps you in your house without sufficient milk, bread, etc.

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