Super Spidey Davey

We got a dusting of snow again last night so we have been outside tromping around.  We followed rabbit tracks.  Davey climbed around on the playground.  We walked around and looked at the snow crystals.  The snow is so dry that you can see each individual flake.  It’s really pretty.  We also took some pictures.  Here you can see that Davey is thrilled about being photographed once again. I figure I can’t just post big happy belly laughs all the time!  (Poor little wet pants.  They are lined though.  Who thought a dusting would require snow pants.  It does with Davey.)

And here is contemplative Davey.

But maybe best of all is Super Spidey Davey!

Coming up with Super Spidey Davey innovations!

As you might imagine, it was a great idea, but in practice the basketball addition to the track didn’t work out so well.

I’ve gotten distracted on one more little Christmas idea so again The Sweater has not progressed.  And now we are heading out to finish Christmas and birthday shopping.  It’s hard to believe that I am going to be 30 on Monday.


maybe not 30.

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Super Spidey Davey

  1. Cool hats! I hope you have a Happy (Whatever Number It Is) Birthday on Monday 🙂

    My mother is still celebrating the anniversary of her 29th birthday. She stayed at 19 until my brother and I were older than she was, then jumped up to 29. She says that when you find a number you like, just stick with it.

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