Oh Little Tiny Christmas Tree

Yesterday we put up the tree.  It’s small.  Very small.  I think I’ve mentioned that Timber, our Siberian Husky, thinks that all trees are trees regardless of where they are situated.  So they are all fair game for the raising of his leg. So this tree is above his leg raising capability.  But Davey was so excited about our little tree.  He’s been waiting for me to wrap so he can put more presents underneath it.

Standing proudly by his tree:

Yesterday, David and Davey also went shopping for my birthday.  David told Davey that the presents were surprises, and that he shouldn’t tell me what they were.  This had Davey terribly torn.  He did not like keeping something like this to himself.

Last night he said, “Mommy, your surprise….”  Then he stopped and said, “Whew, that was close.”  I guess he’d stopped himself just in time.

So today, David told Davey he should tell me if he wanted to.  So we were in Ft Collins, and Davey was in his stroller.  I leaned down and Davey whispered to me very seriously, “a purse and a….”   He whispered something else that I didn’t  understand.  After he was done, you could see his relief in having unburdened himself.

This evening he said, “Mommy.  I feel so much better since I told you about your surprise!”  Poor Davey.  It was weighing heavily upon his mind.

1 thought on “Oh Little Tiny Christmas Tree

  1. I can sympathize with Davey, I was terrible at keeping secrets when I was a kid (I’m better now, but mostly because my memory’s so hazy!). One year my aunt bought my grandmother a new washing machine & I went with her to order it. I ran in Grandma’s house yelling the big news. The only thing that saved me was that my grandmother was pretty deaf — she said, “WHAT?” and my aunt dragged me from the room before I could answer. (With all the things I have forgotten, I still remember this! Go figure, right?)

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