I am  having a fun birthday on another Spring-like day in Denver.  It’s beautiful outside!  We just had cake a little while ago and opened presents.

Timber is always hanging out in the background.  For some reason, I guess he thought the cake was his.  He’s nuts about baked goods.

I changed my blog header today for a celebration of winter.  Not snow.  I won’t start complaining about that again.  I bought this pattern from my favorite tiny creature knitter Mochimochi.  This pattern was very fun.  These little snowmen are only about an inch and a half tall.  Teeny little guys.  I altered the pattern abit.  Now that I’ve learned magic loop, I try to apply it everywhere I can.  For me it was much easier to have 8 fingering weight stitches arranged on the long circular needle then to balance them on 3 double points.  I am just not very good at that.  Also, I don’t know if it is because I did use magic loop, but my increases looked much better when I did kfb then when I used m1.  Maybe I need to review on how to properly do a make 1, but I couldn’t get it to look too nice.

I love these little goofy snowman.  The poor guy in the orangey colored scarf is really kinda wonky, but I love him anyway.

Davey and I made Christmas cookies yesterday.  Davey is a very good chocolate chip placer.  He was very focused.

He also helped me decorate.  He was being silly here.

He is a very good sprinkler!

Ok I think it’s time to go outside with Davey for abit.  Once the sun starts to drop, it does get cold in a hurry!

Happy Monday!

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