Alpaca, Cinnamon Caps and Lions’ Manes

Yesterday we visited a great Farmer’s Market in Ft. Collins.   There were people selling honey, eggs, wine, cheese, and some vegetables.  There was also a group there from two local alpaca ranches.  We enjoyed talking to them and plan to go tour a ranch maybe in the spring.  The alpacas are beautiful.

I bought some yarn.  My yarn is a 2-ply from two Alpacas:  Angel and Wyoming.

It’s really soft.  I am not sure what I will make with it yet.  David says a hat with earflaps would be neat with it.  Maybe a shawlette?  It will have to wait for awhile.  Too many projects ahead of it.

Then we bought mushrooms.  They were organic and these guys grow them in storage sheds.  I learned that I know nothing about mushrooms.  I bought 2 kinds.  Cinnamon Caps and Lion’s Mane mushrooms.

The Lion’s Mane mushrooms look like cauliflower.  The Cinnamon Cap ones came in a big bunch and were a little scary.  The big meaty bite of a mushroom kind of freaks me out a little anyway.  But these were so good!  I sauteed them with zucchini in butter and a little olive oil.

I was about done eating mine, when it occurred to us that maybe I should have made sure they were actually edible.  Wouldn’t that be a great story?  The psychopath who travels from farmer’s market to market selling poisonous mushrooms to unsuspecting buyers?  Well they were both edible.  In fact, Lion’s Mane mushrooms are supposed to be very good for you.  The Chinese recommend them for all kinds of ailments.  There’s been research done lately that they may combat against dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Anything to preserve the brain cells I have – I am going to see if I can find them at one of the health food stores here.  They were delicious too.

It goes without saying that Davey did not try one.  When we were at the market, the guy gave Davey a Cinnamon Cap and told him he could take a bite.  I saw that Davey’s nostrils immediately flared, and he looked fairly creeped out by the idea.  I can’t blame him.  Eating a raw mushroom has never been my favorite either.

Ok back to Christmas preparations.  We baked cookies.  Now I am off to buy some yarn.  David’s brother wants a hat.  So I’ve got to go get some yarn.  Such a hardship – having to go to the yarn shop!  Davey loves this shop.  They are very nice to children and have a great little play area.

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