Dam Beavers. I mean Beaver Dams!

I know.  Dumb joke!  I never get tired of that joke.  Or as David might call them:  Beaver Darns!

This afternoon we took Davey over to see a beaver dam.  David runs by it on his trail run, and we’ve been wanting to see it.  I am really fascinated by beaver dams.  Beavers are a hardworking bunch.  This was a dam.  A multi-generational big dam building family.  (I know.  I can’t help myself.)

We saw trees that had been chewed down by beavers – but they looked like they’d been chewed down a LONG time ago.  Here’s their result.

And here is their Lodge!


Davey liked it too.  He wanted to throw rocks.  The rocks hitting the water probably sounded like big sonic booms to the poor beavers.  (They have very keen ears!)  We tried to discourage this.

Davey really just wanted to run.  That boy loves to run.  He and Daddy ran way ahead of me.

Then he ran back to me all the while yelling, “Mommy!  Can you Hear me?”  It’s hard to get this little running blur in focus!

And then he was thirsty.  Very thirsty.

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