Knitting on I-70

We are in Salina, KS this morning.  We have about 4 and 1/2 hours left per google maps.  Of course google maps projected 7 hours to get to Salina from our house yesterday.  It took us an additional 3 hours.  Traveling tends to be more of a meander for us.  We took long breaks for lunch and dinner.  We wandered through Walmart for awhile.  We also stopped for breakfast about 5 minutes after we left our house.

I-70 must be one of the straightest roads in the country.  There is absolutely not a curve to be found.  The only thing that changes with this road is that it must be slightly downhill all the way from Denver to here.

I tend to get carsick in the car if I do anything but look out the window.  Not on the straightness of 70.  I was able to knit and knit and knit.  I could even refer to my pattern without problem.  I was able to finish a hat.  I have started a scarf.  I offered to drive but I told David that he would have to take over the knitting.  He drove all day.  I actually did volunteer to drive several times without the knitting condition, and he was fine.  Maybe I can chip in today.

There is a continental breakfast downstairs.  David went and got us a plate of food.  Davey wanted no part of any of it except for the banana.  At least his choice was the healthiest one.

So it’s back into the car for awhile longer.  Davey did so well yesterday.  He had his dvd player and several other things to help keep him entertained.  A dvd player can’t just be a dvd player though.  He really wasn’t too interested in watching it. He had to move it around.  He had to push buttons.  At one point it was upside down.  Luckily this is a light player.  I finally told him that he couldn’t push buttons anymore.  We didn’t want to break the dvd player.  So he’d watch for a few minutes.  “Mommy, I have a question, and I need to hit pause to ask you my question.”  I said. ok, and watched him try to quickly think of some type of question that would justify the pause (button pushing excuse).

He did great though.  Happy and no fussing!

So it’s about time to get ready for the last few hours of driving.  (and more knitting hopefully!)

Merry Christmas!

1 thought on “Knitting on I-70

  1. We had some nightmare rides when the girls were smaller, but now they’re old enough to either entertain themselves. They still whine, but the bigger they get, the less the whining seems to affect us 🙂 My husband likes to do most of the driving — now that I’m knitting, I’m willing to go by car no matter how many hours it takes!

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