Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve, and we are in Oklahoma.  It looks cold and raw outside.  I think it is supposed to rain today, but I am not sure how much we have had.  You can be sure that there will not be snow though.  For some reason,  David and I seem to be snow repellent.  Not Davey – he’s too sweet to repel.    It’s cosy and warm inside though!

It’s been a nice morning.  Davey has been playing and playing and cooking with his Pa and Nanny.  Soon we are going to my parents’ house.  I have been knitting.  David and I have also been watching our new favorite show.  It may not sound to Christmasy, but it has been a “Pawn Stars” marathon around here.  

I knit up another hat made out of Cascade Eco.  It is a bulky soft and squishy yarn and it made a great beret.  It’s an interesting pattern by Rowan.  It’s that drop stitch pattern when you wind the yarn for 3 yarnovers, and then drop them on the next row.  I like the way it turned out.  Now I am knitting a scarf to match.  That pattern is a great traveling pattern.  I need to put up some pictures.

I made another neat Boyfriend Hat.  I love that pattern.  This time I used the Noro Silk Garden.  I’d never used that yarn before.  It’s a silk and wool blend and knits up so pretty.  It is almost self-striping.  I have got to take a picture of that as well.  It’s great yarn. 

So it’s been a knitting, visiting, Pawn Stars morning. 

Merry Christmas!

1 thought on “Christmas Eve

  1. We are Pawn Stars fans here, too. It’s like Antiques Roadshow but quirkier!

    I hope you enjoy your trip “back home” for the holidays. Merry Christmas to you & yours.

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