Home Sweet Home!

We made it back home last night.  We got ambitious and decided to drive it all in one day.  It really wasn’t bad at all.  Took us 12 hours.  Davey did great.  I  have to say he entertains himself so well in his carseat.  He just played and played.

Today though he is “poop-ted”.  I need to go to the grocery store.  He does not want anything to do with his carseat, and I can not blame him.  So I will wait until David returns from picking up the dogs.

I am going to make a little post Christmas dinner for us.  We still have some presents for Davey here, and so we will have one more little celebration. I have to try to redeem myself for my Thanksgiving dressing which you could slice and use for sandwich bread.  It was tasty, but the consistency was not right.

David drove all the way to Oklahoma and back.  Usually I pitch in, but this time I just knitted.  I knitted so much that my right forearm is sore.  I was knitting hats all the way back, and I was even able to knit in the dark.  I think I may have done just a little too much knitting.

I started THE SWEATER.  I am working on the back and have started the first colorwork section.  Tomorrow I will put up some pictures.  I’ve also gotten busy on my Joy of Sox sock again.  I have been a total slacker on my Joy of Sox project.

I tried to document our trip, but I had a tendency to forget my camera, so I had to rely on family and friends for some of these photos!

Christmas Morning.  Davey was ready to open presents.  I love his expression when he first saw the tree and presents from Santa.

As he opened each present, he’d say “It’s just what I always wanted!”

He was very interested in seeing what his cousin Addie had as well.  I love seeing them together here.

We had second Christmas Day (26th) with my family.  I’d knitted a little owl and a penguin for my nieces. (The owl pattern was from the winter Knit Simple, and the penguin was from Knitty.  Both were very fun patterns.)

One of the highlights of our trip home was the mini reunion with old friends.  (Old refers to the length of our friendships, not their ages – although I guess at some point that will become one and the same.)  Davey played with the four children of two friends (married to each other) whom we’ve known since we were all kids.  Brandon and Angie (the parents) graduated with my sister.  I used to babysit Angie and her 2 younger sisters. David was best friends with Brandon’s older brother, and he still is great friends with him actually.  So it was really neat for us to see Davey playing with their kids.  They really hit it off and had a big time.

A BIG time.

Then they played a game where they all gathered in a small group.  They must have been putting their hands in the middle.

And then – Big finish!

We had so many good visits.  A great Christmas in Oklahoma.



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