Oklahoma Christmas

It’s been a great few days.  Davey has had a grand time.  He’s played with family and friends.  It’s been a non-stop celebration.

Tonight we had a mini-reunion of friends from our small Oklahoma town.  Davey played with the children of our childhood friends.  After we got home, it was bedtime, and I think Davey was asleep in under 5 minutes.  He was happy tired.

Tomorrow we will spend time with family and more friends, and then we will have to begin to make our way home. 

I took lots of pictures of both families, but I’ll spare most of them “blog exposure”.   You’ll have to take my word that they are beautiful families. 

Here is one representative sample:  (Davey with his Opa.)

And I can’t resist sharing a picture of Davey in his new little dragon hat.  He loved it.  It has little claw mittens too.  I know I am a biased Mama, but it was just so darn cute.

Oh knitting!  I have started THE SWEATER.  I have approximately two inches of ribbing done and have started on the stockinette.  It is almost time for my first fair isle section.  I am kind of winging it on the back – as far as the placement of the colorwork.  We shall see how it goes.  My David deadline is fast approaching.  I do have that I-70 drive back to Denver coming up, so who knows how much I could accomplish!  (Although I think we all know that the deadline is going to come and go.  I anticipate requesting several extensions.  I probably should start hoping for a record cold summer, so that he will be able to wear it when I finish it.)

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