I am hard at work on THE SWEATER.  I have the first section of colorwork done.

It’s hard for me to take a good picture, but my size 11 needles should be a little longer, or I should brave the snowy streets and go buy some 11 longer circular needles.  So the stitches are kind of bunched up on the needles.

But I do like how the colors look.  My gauge is a little bit large, but not incredibly off, so hopefully this will be ok.

Now I am ciphering like crazy trying to figure out just how to do the rest of the back.  I have to figure out where to put the colorwork sections and how this will fit in with decreasing and shaping the raglan armholes.  Thinking about raglan and sleeves makes my eyes just kind of glaze over.  It sounds so difficult to me.

We have had quite abit of snow.  I’ll share my kind of view that I have as I type this.

3 thoughts on “Back of THE SWEATER

  1. Your pictures are lovely! The sweater will be grand. Love those neutral colors and gray is very hot this year. Your view of the snow with the distant covered mountains in the background is breathtaking. Wish I could see that when I look outside. Thanks for sharing. : )

  2. Beautiful snow! (although I’m glad we don’t have any, lol)
    When I think of the whole sweater knitting project, I too get intimidated. So think of it in small chunks. Then it’s manageable and not so scary. (at least I tell myself that) My goal is to actually start my sweater in 2011.

    Happy New Year!

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