Snow Play

Yesterday Davey took his first ride on his sled.  Not a lot of snow had fallen, but there was just enough.  It actually was a little faster than when we went back out this morning.  There were several more inches this morning, and so the little bitty hill was slower.

We got several more inches overnight.  I just came in.  It is about 4 degrees out.  I think it is supposed to be 12 today.  That is cold.  But we were bundled up in coats, snow pants, snow boots, and several cpeezers knits!

Davey and David are still at the playground.  It may not be easy getting him (Davey that is!) inside.  He is flying, absolutely flying down all the slides and tubes.  He emerges from the tube in the midst of a small slide avalanche.

Then David was shaking the snow down from the top of the equipment which Davey found hilarious.  I never get tired of taking Davey laughing photos.

As I am writing, David did get Davey inside.  I looked out the window and saw David balancing two large snowballs stacked on top of each other.  They carried snowballs home.  Somehow that inspired Davey to come in.

Now we are all warm once again.  We have a fire going.  It’s really the first time since we left Oklahoma (when we were 20 years old), that we have had a fire going.  We love it.

Ok Davey wants to continue with the New Year’s Eve preparations.  We are getting to make a torte.  I have only made one once or twice in my life.  I hope it turns out.  It’s our Happy Birthday to 2011 cake!

2 thoughts on “Snow Play

  1. I’m glad to see you finally got some snow to okay in! We had our first white Christmas since 1992… But we had 65 degree weather for New Year’s. I never know what coat to wear 🙂

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