Working on The Sweater

Whew.  The back of this sweater is a puzzle.  I think – I hope that I have it somewhat figured out.  I am taking the advice of my blogging friend Susan B, and I am just thinking about the sweater in small chunks.  I am not going to think about how in the world I am going to adapt the sleeves to fit my altered armholes.  I am not going to think about the placement of the colorwork on the sleeves.  I am especially not going to think about how in the world I will put a zipper in my finished sweater.

Today there was much ciphering and eye scrunching as I tried to figure out how and where to decrease for the armholes.  I realized that my pattern is not going to totally work.  The pattern I am using has a colorwork yoke thing going and raglan sleeves.  The sweater I am copying does not.  David agreed that he did not want raglan sleeves, so I have been trying to do sleeve conversion.  I found another pattern in my book with regular old set-in sleeves. (I don’t know what the heck a person who knows what they are doing calls them.)

So I may just have it figured out.  We shall see.  This pattern measures things in centimeters rather than inches.  I am really kind of liking that.  Fewer fractions I think.  That may make no sense.  This project is addling my brain.

So back I go to my notes, scribblings and then the actual knitting itself.


1 thought on “Working on The Sweater

  1. I’m sending you sympathy and lots of encouragement. My brain hurts just thinking about your project from a distance 🙂 focusing on one small part at a time will help, I’m sure. You can do it!

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