Getting back to it.

Christmas is over, and we have had our New Year’s celebration.  Yesterday, David and I started back to school.  I am teaching literature this semester, so I am happy as a clam.

I made some knitting resolutions, but I haven’t made many other ones.  I did start doing a pilates video.  It’s fun.  I always say that I need to “get me some core”.  I have little core strength.

Davey calls it various things, mostly he likes to say spillates. He also likes to hold my hand while we do some of the exercises together.   He even offers words of encouragement:  “Mommy!  You are doing so good at that!”  So sweet – he apparently ignores the fact that I have about 1/10 of the flexibility of the ladies on the video.

As I type this, he is on the other computer playing Mickey Mouse games.  I know children pick up on using the computer really easily, but the sight of him gazing at the computer screen while his little hand moves that mouse around is just amazing to me.

It’s about time to get him off the computer though and head to “tum tum tumbling” as we always call it.

The back of The Sweater is almost done.  Gosh a man’s XL makes for a big back.  I love knitting with this yarn though.  It’s so soft and nice to knit with.  I also love watching the patterns emerge.   I am hoping to finish the back today.

The snow is melting.  It has stuck around for quite awhile since it has been so cold.  Davey doesn’t get tired of it.  We throw the snow boots on and off he goes.


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