Back to the Back

This afternoon, I did the necessary frogging, and now I am back to this.

Using the printer as the backdrop for almost every knitting photo is not my favorite thing, but this is the best place in the apartment to take the pictures.  It’s where I can always get the best light.

I like this photo for several reasons.  I like those pretty little balls of yarn that I made when I ripped out part of the back.  I’d like to look at them a little closer.

If you look at the right side of the photo, you can kind of see the back side of the latest of my Joy of Sox socks.  I am working on them, but they are slowwww going.  The pattern is a 10 row repeat.  It seems like by the time I get one repeat done, the evening is over.  It’s a fun pattern though with cabling, and I am really enjoying the circular needles.

Here’s an even better reason why  I like this picture.  If you look on the left part of the photo, you will see this.

Davey was just about 1 year old here.  We were living out at Mama Pearl’s, and he had just learned to walk.   I love that grin.

1 thought on “Back to the Back

  1. the first picture kind of looks like a really cool hand bag. you could save yourself some time with the sweater and make an amazing bag.

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