Saturday Exploration

We went on a Saturday drive today.  We drove out to Conifer and Evergreen and then back to Golden.  Golden’s just about our favorite.  Conifer and Evergreen are beautiful, but I don’t want to live in either place.  I can’t see Kansas when I am in Conifer or Evergreen, and I love seeing mountains to the west and big wide open space to the east.  We’d like to live in Golden or in western Lakewood.   So anyway, we were in Golden a couple of months ago when Clear Creek looked like this. (We were there with my parents.)

Here is what it looked like today.

So frozeny.  Being from the southern regions of the country, we are not used to this.

Then I looked up the river just abit, and I saw this. (I was wishing for a better zoom.)

What a neat backdrop for their wedding pictures.  It wasn’t that cold today – low 50s, but I bet she was chilly in that dress!

There’s a neat slide for Davey right by the creek too.  Davey quickly made a friend.  He worked so hard to follow her.

She took a liking to him though, and then it was this:

She insisted on helping him up the steps.  I heard him saying, “But I can do this all by myself!”

They came down the slide together numerous times.

But finally, she had to leave.  And then we had to leave.  And there were tears of anguish.

These tears lasted about 5 seconds.  At that point, David took off running, and Davey tore up the stairs as fast as he could go to chase him across the field.

And then there were hugs.

And ice cream.  Our stop in Golden had begun with ice cream.  Davey had birthday cake ice cream with added sprinkles.  He thought that was just pretty great.




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