Tuesday Project: The Age of Brass and Steam

Davey and I have been hard at work this morning.   We are blocking a shawlette that I finished last night.  It was my first opportunity to use the blocking squares I got for Christmas.

Davey very much enjoyed helping to put the “puzzle” together.

The shawlette is from a pattern called Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief. I felt like I needed a fairly simple mostly stockinette pattern because of the color variation in the yarn.

So here is the shawlette/kerchief post knitting but pre-blocking.  It’s all curled and shrunk up and looks more like the size of a  hankie then a kerchief.

It needed a bath and some blocking!

As I was blocking, Davey took over the camera.  He took quite a few shots.  At some point, he figured out that if you hold down the button, it takes shots over and over and over and over again.  Oh he thought that was fun.  For the safety of the camera, we had to put a stop to that.  So then he returned to single photographs.  I really like some of the pictures he took!

I am thinking he may need to be promoted from assistant.

Now he keeps checking the scarf to see if it is dry yet.  He touches it with a finger and then shows me, “nope, Mommy, not dry yet”.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Project: The Age of Brass and Steam

  1. Tell Davey not to worry–with our lack of humidity the scarf will be dry in no time flat! When I’m in a big hurry, I set up a fan to blow over my knitting. Love the greens and your clever use of paper clips.

  2. You’re lucky to have such a great and cute helper.

    That’s a pretty shawl! I love the name of the pattern, too. My girls used to have big foam squares that had alphabet letters in them — I gave them away, not realizing then that someday they’d be the perfect blocking surface.

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