Monday Mish Mash

Lately, Davey likes to call us Mama and Daddo.  We like it.

I made Pioneer Woman Tortilla Soup the other day.  It’s the best tortilla soup I have ever made.  And then I learned something that I think makes it even better.  I’d had some tortilla soup the other day at a Mexican restaurant.  They brought me a little side of pico de gallo. I’d never added that to my soup before.  It was really good!  That and some diced up avocado, and we have been enjoying that soup.

The pico de gallo I make is just chopped up tomatoes, chopped onion and then add cilantro, lime juice and salt to taste.   Very easy.

I also made my own chai the other day.  (It’s becoming clear as to why this is a mish mash post.)  I found this recipe on a blog that I read:  Chai Concentrate.  Davey enjoyed helping me mix in the spices.  Then we added a can of condensed milk.  I am a fan of having a sweet chai latte now and then.  You can adjust the sweetness though by putting as much of the concentrate in as you like.  I’m really enjoying it.  I love all things chai these days.

I am working on the left front of The Sweater.  For the second time.  I hadn’t gotten too far when I realized that the garter edging was not going to work with my colorwork.  And then it occurred to me that David would like the sweater better without that edging anyway.  So I ripped it out and started again.  I am back to the point where I’d ripped back though which was here:

So I really hadn’t gotten all that far.  The Sweater has become a mish mash of its own.  The colorwork I figured out from the Eddie Bauer photo, plus a couple of patterns to give me  basic sweater guidelines.

And that’s the Monday Mish Mash.



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