More Monday Mish Mash?

I kinda like Monday Mish Mash.  Now if I can remember my mish mash that I have been saving up to share.

First off, I made chili last week.  We ate chili leftovers for several days.  I like to make Frito Pie, but it was never quite right.  Last week, I figured out what makes it quite right.  Mustard.  I had to think about how they “served” it at the concession stand at high school football games.  Better yet, brown spicy mustard.  That was delicious.

I made this chicken noodle soup the other day.   I think I mentioned it.  Davey ate the noodles.  I got the recipe from this blog “My Kitchen in the Rockies“.   I have to just recommend this blog in general.  I may have mentioned it before, but she’s always sharing great recipes.

Gotta finish the first sleeve for The Sweater.  Maybe tonight.

Hmm. Not a lot of mish mash.

Except I do have a little Davey story.  Every once in awhile, Davey sees someone smoking.  It was not too long ago that he saw someone smoking for the first time.  So he always has questions about it.  Today, he noticed a man smoking a pipe,  and he wondered about the smoke.  (We noticed that you can really generate some smoke with a pipe!)  When he mentioned the smoke, I told him that the smoke can make their clothes smell stinky.  (My subtle (or not so subtle) anti-smoking comment.  I pass these on to him when I can. I can’t help it.  I want his lungs to remain pink and healthy!)  Well, Davey had a solution for that.  He told me, “Mommy, then they need to smoke naked.”  Easy enough! 🙂

And that’s all for Monday.

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