Sunday and Sleeve!

The Sweater update: I redid the part of the left front that needed to be redone.   Whether or not it will fit anyone remains to be seen, but it seems like it will.

I am going full speed ahead on the sleeve.  It required a little cipherin’, but not so much so far.  Maybe I will finish it tonight.  I knit last night through the first episode of Sherlock.  It’s a fairly new British tv series (2010 I think).  It takes place in modern day,  but it included a few elements of the very first Sherlock Holmes story.  (Rache!, and the title of the episode was  “A Study in Pink”.  The original story was entitled – “A Study in Scarlet”.) It’s British, and I got it from Netflix.  I highly recommend it! (I am a Sherlock fan.  Oh!  They cast a great Watson too I thought.)  Anyway, I watched that while I knit.

I’m about to start the heel flap on my tofutsie socks.  I had a little quiet time this afternoon, and so it was a good project to get out.

We’ve had a nice Sunday.  Davey just helped me make a blueberry cobbler.  I’ve mentioned it before, but he’s quite the little stirrer.  We are having leftover chicken and noodle soup for dinner.  It’s actually more just chicken and noodles, but we like it that way.  And Davey eats the noodles.  Even better.

And that’s Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Sunday and Sleeve!

  1. Watched Sherlock last year when it was on TV over here. The new series is on this spring, and am really looking forward to it. 😀

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