A Screeching Halt.

When I wrote my blog title,  it was to explain that the knitting of  The Sweater has come to a screeching halt.  But then I thought for just a minute and actually, our entire day today came to a very nice screeching halt due to some snow and some really really really cold weather.   We didn’t get that much snow, but it was 10 below this morning.  I think all the schools in the area are closed.  So we are enjoying a nice day at  home.

That blizzard has brought things to a halt too in several states.  I’ve been reading today about my family and friends in Oklahoma.  Highways are closed, there was little or no mail delivery, grocery stores are pretty empty – it’s crazy!

The sudden stop on The Sweater seems pretty minor in comparison.  I merely ran out of the creme colored yarn.  I’ve ordered some more, but they haven’t shipped it yet.  I could get it at a yarn store here in town, but I don’t think the roads are great, and it is just too darn cold to go out.  So it will have to wait for a day or two.

Stay warm!

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