Now We’re Cooking With Gas!

Ok.  Made my way to the yarn shop after school today.  They had my Lamb’s Pride in Creme.  The dye lot is different, but I think we are ok.

As my Oma says, “Now We’re Cooking With Gas!”

Time to finish knitting what David now refers to as The Steven Seagal Sweater.   This is not necessarily a bad thing. He thinks Steven Seagal is pretty cool.

I think.

(Don’t worry, he does like the sweater.)

(I think.)  🙂

Davey had a good day.  Davey is always good-natured, but – his volatility is directly related to the amount of sleep he gets.

Volatility = 0  when Sleep = 11 uninterrupted hours in his own bed.

Time to get him to bed and then it’s knitting and American Idol for me.

3 thoughts on “Now We’re Cooking With Gas!

  1. Yes, I used that phrase in the past. Not so much anymore. I am running out of gas myself 🙂
    I enjoy your blogs. The sweater is turning out beautiful.

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