Pizza, Zipper, and more Snow.

Davey and I have been out running errands today.  Costco – where we had lunch.  Who has lunch at Costco when there are endless other choices?  Well – Davey jumped into that cheese pizza like nothing I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t gobble often, and he gobbled it up.  So I was glad for lunch at Costco.

We went to buy a zipper.   Time to review the tutorials and videos I have saved up on how to sew in a zipper to a knitted object.  (or any objects as far as my limited knowledge goes.) I am weaving in ends on the sleeve and front of the sweater.  Next, I need to figure out how in the heck to do the collar.

It is really snowing right now.  Earlier, it was a light pretty non-threatening snow.  There was only a 30% of light snow today, but it’s really coming down.  It’s still really pretty, but it’s starting to pile up.

Today we were running around in about 28 degree weather.  Previously, this kind of cold would have frozen my nose off.  Today, it felt positively balmy.  But – I walked the dogs in -13 degrees the other morning.  It’s almost 40 degrees warmer, so I guess it makes sense!  It’s all relative I suppose.

I am watching it snow as I write this.


5 thoughts on “Pizza, Zipper, and more Snow.

  1. I’ve only done zippers in sewn items not knitted ones, but I noticed there is a new tutorial on TechKnitter’s blog about doing zippers that are done with a (crochet?) hook instead of sewing them in. Might be worth a peek? If you can’t find it, let me know – I’ll find the link.

  2. I won’t tell you how many times I’ve had lunch at Costco. Can’t beat the price for a slice o’pizza and a drink. Haven’t done it in a while now, however. Glad Davey like it.

    Also glad we finally got above zero!

  3. I have actually driven 45 minutes just to have lunch at Costco before. The polish dog with sauerkraut seems so good to me once in a while. And you can’t beat the caesar salad with chicken. My closest Cpstco is 45 min. away, but I gave up my card last year. It’s not such a good thing for a single person, with all the oversized stuff…but I still miss it now and then. sigh.

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