The Zipper and the clumsy one

Yesterday, I was going to finish the sweater (the capital letters are gone.  I am ready to finish this crazy thing!)  All I lacked, all I still lack, is the zipper.  Plan A was to use the technique recently published by Interweave.  There is a great video in which Eunny Jang very clearly demonstrates how to convert the zipper to a “knittable object”.  This technique really appealed to me because it meant no sewing.  You use a knit picker and make holes along the zipper and pull the yarn through making loops that you can pick up with your knitting needle.

So yesterday afternoon, I made my way into the winter weather (the roads, I found, were clear.) and bought a knit picker.  It’s a small latch hook that you use to fix snags.  I’d never heard of one in my life.  It looks like this:

Well, it looked like that I should say.  I broke the first one.  I knew it was just a matter of time.  My yarn is too bulky to have much success with this technique without a lot of pain, anguish and broken knit pickers.  I think it would work great with a sweater made with worsted or dk.  It should work with some bulky yarns too, according to Eunny Jang, but my yarn is kinda of mohairy and really chunky.

So – plan B.  This involves more sewing.  I am going to try a combination of this and this.  I will baste the front closed, then sew and pin and pin and sew and I don’t know.  ugh.

That’s for tomorrow though.  I have had a case of the clumsies tonight, and I am not risking working with pins or tricky zippers.  Since I got home this afternoon, I turned into a klutz.  I spilled 3 pounds (really – no exaggeration) of sugar onto the carpet.  That was a mess.  I didn’t know where to start.

I called David.  “David, what do you think?”

David said, “Put the attachment on the vacuum and vacuum it up.”

Me:  “I don’t know how to put the attachment on.” (I am hopelessly Dyson vacuum cleaner inept except for the basic function.)

David:  “Ask Davey.  He will show you.”

I wasn’t convinced that Davey could walk me through it, although I shouldn’t be surprised that he would be able to.  Instead, I scooped up as much as I could, and David took over with the vacuum when he got home shortly thereafter.

Next I spilled diet coke all over the place including all over poor Timber’s white snout.  He was freckled for abit.

I did a couple of other minor droppy things, so I am calling it a night.   It’s getting late anyway.  Maybe I’ll knit a little.  That should be safe.  Hopefully.

We are in for another round of snow tonight.  (Us and about 80% of the country it seems like.)  Yesterday, Davey and David had a good time building a snow fort/wall.  I got a picture of them from through the window. (I was inside plotting the zipper insertion.)  I like this kinda far away shot.



4 thoughts on “The Zipper and the clumsy one

  1. You’ve been knitting so much lately…it’s good to have a day with no hand crafts once in a while. It does my hands good. Sometimes I knit so much, even my shoulders hurt for a while. The fact that you have designed and created this sweater in less than one season is absolutely incredible. Do not feel bad for not being done with it. I hate that we’re in the 20% of the country not being “snowed” upon. : ( Your snow fort picture looks like an absolute wonderland to me. sigh.

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