Winter Wonderland: Friendly Snowman Meets Blob Snowman

Today while we were out and about, it started snowing.   It snowed a lot more than was initially forecast.  Once we slipped and slid home though, we were able to enjoy watching it fall down.  It was really coming down for awhile.

Late this afternoon, we all decided to go take the dogs out.  Once outside, we realized that this was a wet snow unlike the dry unpackable snow we had experienced up to this point.  So David took the dogs in, he came back out, and we started snowman building.

I had to briefly return to the apartment to search for snowman facemaking supplies.  I came up with a carrot, vanilla wafers, and chocolate chips.  The Canada geese may attack his poor face tonight.

Davey and the Friendly Snowman.

Davey and I had also built a little blob monster snowman.  Here he faces off with friendly snowman.

The Davids and Friendly Snowman

Davey encounters Friendly Snowman and Blob Snowman

Once we finished with the snowmen, Davey had to go down the snowy slide.  He flies down that slide when it’s snowy.

And finally he wanted to swing.  It was a little slippery for him to stay on the swing, so he decided that he wanted to swing Lucy.  Being an imaginary dog, she was somehow able to hold on, and she had a great time.

It finally was getting pretty dark so we had to come in.  It was not so cold today, so we were able to really enjoy being outside.  Fun stuff.



8 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland: Friendly Snowman Meets Blob Snowman

  1. LOL The heck with the Canada geese —- I may have to attack the friendly snowman. Vanilla wafers AND chocolate chips! But, I wouldn’t —- he’s far too cute to disassemble.

    Glad your Davids had a good time in the snow.

  2. My daughters (who are older than Davey) made a blob of a snowman 2 weeks ago. In their defense, it was the first packable snow we’ve had in a couple of years and I had nothing to offer in face-making supplies except an apple and some stones from the driveway. They got bored quickly and just put sticks standing up on top of his head like spiky hair and christened him a minion (from the Despicable Me movie).

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