Thursday with Davey

A post of little Davey things.

He played some computer games this morning.  Little gamer,  it’s not easy convincing him to give it up.  Luckily the power of distraction still works.  I took him on a silly hunt.  We were looking for his clothes in the fridge, etc.  That got him away from the computer without heartache.

We stopped at a convenience store on our way out.  Davey got some lemonade.  The ladies that worked at the store wanted to talk to him.  He was bashful.  One lady went outside.

“Mommy, the manager went outside.” Then,  “I never saw a girl smoking before.”    He was fascinated by this.

This afternoon we were driving home from school and the library.  We were listening to a cd.  I wanted to listen to the Glee “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” mash up.  He wanted to listen to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons: Spring”.  I had to let him win that one.

Tonight we read 5 books.  I am so glad he loves to read with us.

Every night he says,  “I’m firsty”.  So he has a little drink.

He likes to end the day with knock knock jokes that make absolutely no sense and always include the phrase:  “Aren’t you glad I didn’t say?”

3 thoughts on “Thursday with Davey

  1. He’s a precious boy. I was so flattered for him to ask me on Christmas if I would babysit him because Pa went back inside. The minute I walked through the door, he grabbed me by the finger and asked me to help him find Daddy. It was funny because, he knew where Daddy was. Such a charmer! I fell in love with those chubby lil’ cheeks and precious soft little hands. And well, those eyes! He’s so special and…he has a wonderful Mom who has a wonderful imagination that will fuel him all the way through life. Great job guys! You all are so blessed…

  2. The “aren’t you glad I didn’t say banana?” joke was a big hit with my daughters, too. It’s amazing how much fun they have with knock-knock jokes at that age.

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