Funny Bugs

Davey had tumbling today, (he’s in the funny bug class) and I took a few pictures.  They are not the best pictures because I don’t go in with him.  I watch from behind the glass.

He’s running into class in this photo.  He goes from sitting happily in my lap to making a beeline to the mat, and he runs just as fast as he can go.  I think he has grown an inch or two in the last week.  His pants are suddenly too short for him.

Here he is working with Miss “Hevver”.  (He has a little trouble with the pronunciation of th. It’s cute to hear him say “Hevver”)  When he sees her, he runs to her as fast as he can go (there’s lots of running here) to give her a big  hug.  He loves Miss Heather.

Here he makes his way carefully across the balance beam.

They are learning to walk around in an organized fashion, and they make trains to do this. Notice Davey is right there with Miss Heather.

This picture is kind of blurry, but he’s helping to clean up after a game.  He gets right in there and just bounces and bounces, he’s so excited.

I have a great time knitting and watching him.   Today I worked on some fingerless gloves which have a mitten flap.  I’ve not made any before, so it will be fun to see how it goes.

I am also making some fingerless gloves with colorwork on them.  The colorwork = jellyfish.  If you are wondering how I became inspired to knit a jellyfish motif, it is because I have a friend who loves loves jellyfish.

Davey also wants a knitted object.  I am going to make him a pug out of some of the yarn leftover from David’s sweater.  I also have 4 pairs of socks in process.  I am getting ready to cast on for a hat.  But – that’s really about it I think.  Not so bad. Oh there’s a simple hat that I want to figure out how to knit.  I am making myself wait on that for abit.

I better get knittin’.

2 thoughts on “Funny Bugs

  1. I love watching little kids in tumbling class–they’re so clumsy, and yet so darn cute!
    Your knitting is killing me. I went to St. Louis this weekend and stopped by a knitting store and $65 later I walked out with a men’s sweater book and yarn. What? I can’t even knit a woman’s sweater or a dog sweater for that matter….. I dream, dream of being a competent knitter…..

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