Banana Nut Bread: A recipe

I’ve got another old recipe that I want to add to the blog:  Banana Nut Bread

Mom made this recipe when I was a little kid.  I remember I made it once for a 4-H thing.  So I made the banana bread.  I was somewhere around 10 years old I guess.  I never could resist picking off some of those crunchy pieces from the top of the bread.  Like here in the picture – see all those slight cracks?  I don’t do it anymore, although I kinda want to right now.  But I couldn’t resist then.

So I took the bread out of the oven.  I was all ready to enter it in the 4-h show.   But I just had to pick a little piece or two off the top.  Nobody would notice because of the way the bread cracked at the top.  But then I went too far, and I went for too much.  Now there was an unsightly hole.   I didn’t know what I was going to do.  I couldn’t enter it like that, and I guess there must not have been time (or bananas) to make another loaf.

At the last minute, I was saved by an ice storm, and we couldn’t go anywhere.  At least this is the way I remember it.

So that’s my banana bread memory.

Nowadays, I often don’t put nuts in it.  It’s very good with nuts, but Davey wouldn’t eat it then, and he does like banana bread.

This is a really simple recipe.  I had to improvise though for the first time today.  I went to get the flour, and we were out.  We had self-rising flour though.  So I went to my google and figured out how to convert.  I did some cipherin’ and it turned out fine.  Turns out, I still needed to add some baking soda, a little salt and just barely any additional baking powder.

I had my happy assistant too this morning.

He added the milk.

He also loves adding the bananas.  I didn’t get a picture of that, but I got one more good grin from him.

Ok and one more.

I think this is a pretty basic banana bread recipe, but it’s my favorite out of all of the ones I have tried.

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