Davey’s first Kite

Davey got a pterodactyl kite for Valentine’s Day, and today was the first chance we’d had to try it out.

We weren’t sure about the wind at first.

Kite flying preparation began.

Davey was instructed to hold onto the kite.  He was focused.  He was in the zone.

I helped a little as David was running out the kite.  Davey remained focused.

So we got the kite going, but the wind (or lack thereof) was making us have to work really hard.  David in particular.

Still runnin’.

Back to square 1.

We got it going again, and Davey took over the controls.

Davey ran.  He zigzagged.  He sprinted.

David and Davey worked together again for abit.

We decided there just wasn’t quite enough wind and that it was time to head back.  When we got back to the west side of our apartment though, the wind picked up again, and we went back out into the field.  This time, we had super duper kite flying success.

Davey even settled in for some comfy kite management.

Davey settled in with me for abit, and David took over the camera. (I figured there should be evidence that I was present.)

Oh geez.  Was the kite taking Davey?

But the kite didn’t take Davey.  Davey suddenly relinquished the kite to the wind.  David took off to retrieve it with Davey right behind him.

David managed to avoid the kite’s landing into the trees. Order was restored and Davey decided it was time to go play at the playground.

The kite survived and will see another day of flying.  Davey had great fun.  All in all, it was a very successful pterodactyl kite flying day.





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