Elfish Hat

I finished my hat and wrote up the  pattern.    I’ve named it the “Elfish Hat”.   Here’s a link to the pattern:  Elfish Hat. This is the hat that I replicated from the red one that I had bought years and years ago.  This hat:

It’s a simple hat.  Not much going on really, but it’s very comfortable and I think it’s cute with the I-cord and pom pom.  I am happy with how it turned out.  I was trying to get David to take some good pictures of the hat.  Davey was not helping matters much, but it made for fun photos.

Here’s evidence of the little monkey as we tried to get another picture.

So the hat is knitted flat.  It’s easy as pie.  Garter stitch galore which can get old after awhile, but it’s a great “pull out and knit anywhere” knit.   I still think it would be great for a beginner first learning how to decrease as well.

Here’s how the hat looks flat.

Once you are done knitting, you go right into a 3 inch I-cord.  Then you make the pom pom and attach it.  Finally you seam up the hat.  I used a mattress stitch, at least I think that’s what it was.

One final photo of the little photo saboteur.

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