Toots and Discussions

Today Davey suddenly has a new favorite past-time.

It begins with me hearing a sound.  It’s a gassy noise.

“Mommy,  did you hear me toot?  Did you hear me?”

I don’t know where he got this.  I am thinking it must be built into his boy DNA.

He didn’t want me taking his picture tonight.  The flash was toooo bright.

“Mommy.  No!”

So I passed on pictures.

Last night, he was having a discussion with Daddy.  The discussion was about boogers.

David said something that apparently was just not logical in any form.

“Daddy, you are being Re DiClee ous!”

And now it’s Wednesday evening, and it’s time for us to get ready for bed.  Pajamas, brushing of teeth and reading of books.  And maybe some knock knock jokes, singing of songs and telling of stories.


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